Concrete Cloud Photography
Images by Sophie Reid


As a photographer I work in the digital environment but the most important aspect of my work is connecting with people.

The photograph has become such a basic building block of our visual landscape that we are at risk of forgetting it's fundamental use: to communicate. Choosing what to say and how to say it is where the fun comes in.

With each generation we focus on the way it differs from the one before, which invariably gives rise to an anxiety about the kind of future our children will lead us in to.  This fear is currently compounded by the digital revolution which is impacting every aspect of our society. But while it is often difficult to separate out the micro from macro changes, I think it's safe to say that human nature has changed very little.

People still want to connect, just in new ways. We want to understand ourselves and the world around us, but now we must also contend with the abundance of information moving at an alarming speed everywhere around us. Despite all this in every culture of the world we value family, friendship, kindness, beauty and love. 

I am here to document our lives.